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Cryptocurrency based eCommerce platform.

BitOase is the first oase for sellers and buyers.
The first “Bitcoin-oase”, the only oase in the internet to trade goods and services for

What makes BitOase unique?

BitOase offers customers a trustworthy platform to trade goods or services with cryptocurrencies.


- All Sellers are 100% KYC’ed.

- BitOase Forum.

- Comments and Shop Score.
- All shipping's are tracked and virtual visible in a map.

- Live chat between buyers and merchants.

Benefits for buyers:

- No fees on purchases

- Pay with cryptocurrencies

- Free shipping.

Referral program

BitOase has designed a Referral program to incentivize growth and share the success with the community.

A life long 0.2% commission is distributed to anyone who invites a shop to the platform.This 0.2% is generated out of the platform commissions.

Get a referral link by registering in BitOase.


BitOase sellers options

For different sellers, different options:


The basic plan includes
  - List 5 products with no listing cost.

 -  4% commission on sales


 - $60 per annum.

- List a maximum of 10 products

- 2% commission on sales


  - $120 p.a.

- List a maximum of 20 products

- 1,7% commissions on sales


- $250 p.a.

- List a maximum of 50 products

- Gold advertising program

- 1,7% commissions on sales


- $500 p.a.

- Unlimited products

- Platin advertisements program

- 1,7% commissions on sales

Referral links:

0.2% Commission on every sale.

Advertising program

For our members from the top categories BitOase offers a suite of tools for advertising.We organize advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Payments structure

Payments will be locked in a Escrow smart contract till unfrozen…

Current Payment currencies:

Coming Payment currencies:




 - Idea design

 - Form initial team

 - Prototype

Phase 1

2022 Q4

 - Launch BitOase v1

 - Start a marketing campaign and referral program.

Phase 2


 - BitOase v2


BitOase current Burn Rate is $25.000 per month.
Distribute in:
   - Development
   - Marketing


BitOase expects to have sustainable growth based on the referral program.Advertising programs will be initiated in social media.

Similar platforms

In Web2:

- Amazon

- Ebay

- Aliexpress

- TaoBao

In Web3:

- Utrust
- EthAir
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- CryptoExchange
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